Welcome to SIMPLE-IT

In a world where internet is a must and every business, to be competitive, must provide services available 24/7, when information and time means everything, when to be first, means more money, the security risks, industrial espionage, information theft and network failures could lead to a real disaster.

Simple-IT provides security assessment technologies. We are specialized in providing and developing solutions for network security. No system or application is enough secure to be 100% sure it is safe from malicious code or attack. We use sophisticated techniques to scan network perimeters and applications to discover possible vulnerabilities. The cutting edge products we use can prevent attacks, detects intruders and report them to authorized personnel.

Our goal is to find any compromising threats, integrate the ability of self protection, thus making a network as secure as possible. The result should be Simple: a stable, available and secure system that can withstand an assault without security breaches.